I Can Hear the Sea: Characters

Morisaki Taku
A senior high school student (for most of the film). Morisaki is an above-average student and is a rational thinker. He is mostly kind to everyone and had a job at a local restaurant as a busboy and dishwasher.
Rikako Muto
A transfer student from Tokyo. Rikako's good looks, unmatched athletic ability, and near-perfect grades quickly win her the admiration of nearly every boy in Morisaki's school, but the jealousy of nearly every girl. However, Rikako dislikes Kochi and all the boys who live there. Her parents have recently separated, and Rikako's mother took her along with her. However, Rikako wants to be with her father instead.
Matsuno Yutaka
Another senior in Morisaki's high school. Morisaki considers Matsuno to be his best friend. Matsuno is described as being especially kind and a good studier. Morisaki admires Matsuno for his serious consideration for his own future.
Shimizu Akiko
Another senior in Morisaki's school. Shimizu is the leader of a small group of girls in Morisaki's class. She is one of the few girls in the class that does not completely despise Rikako. She is level-headed and fair in her decisions.
Yumi Kohama
Rikako's only close female friend. Yumi has is very self-disciplined compared to Rikako, due to her parents being strict. Yumi is easily made nervous by unusual situations.
Rikako's former boyfriend from Tokyo. Rikako used to think that Okada was kind and considerate, but now she sees him as not being considerate enough, talking only about himself.
Yamao Tadashi
One of Morisaki's acquaintances. He sometimes comments on Taku's behavior. He is known to get extremely drunk from time to time.
Rikako's Dad
Rikako's dad lives in Tokyo in an apartment complex. He separated from his wife a few months before Rikako comes to Kochi. He loves his daughter. His sister-in-law owns a famous wine orchard, on a part of which the apartment he lives in was built.