Horus: Prince of the Sun: Characters

A hunter living with his father. Horus is a courageous and strong young boy. After finding an old sword called “The Sword of the Sun”, he is determined to restore the sword and so become the “Prince of the Sun”. He does the right thing even when it would be easier to walk away. He is a hard worker and a skilled fighter. His weapon is an axe tied to a rope. He joins a village of fishermen during his adventures.
A young harpist and singer. Hilda’s village was destroyed by a demon. She is somber and sings haunting songs of loneliness. When she sings, everyone nearby tends to stop what they are doing to listen until she finishes. She has two close friends, Chiro and Toto. She lives alone until Horus takes her to the fishermen’s village. She always wears a blue gem on a necklace.
An ice demon. Grunwald’s sole purpose is to destroy all humans, and has many ways to do this. He is not arrogant, however, and can recognize a powerful opponent. He uses animals, among other methods, to do as much damage as possible to human villages. The animal he uses the most are wolves, notably with a silver wolf.
The son of the leader of the village. Potom is around Horus’ age and is a hard worker. He doesn’t stop working when Hilda sings. He is next in line to lead the village after his father.
Horus’ pet bear and friend. Koro goes with Horus on some of his adventures. He is often distracted by food and isn’t very cautious. He is fiercely loyal to Horus.
A squirrel and one of Hilda’s two close friends. Chiro is gentle, kind, and emotional. He talks with Hilda about her problems and wants her to be happy. He is often at odds with Toto, Hilda’s other friend, since they disagree about what is right.
An owl and one of Hilda’s two close friends. Unlike Chiro, Toto dislikes everyone except Hilda. If Chiro says something he doesn’t agree with, he will chase him around until he has apologized for his “foolishness”. Toto likes power and taunting others.
A giant made of boulders. The Sword of the Sun was stuck in his shoulder. Maug promises Horus that if he can restore the sword, then he will acknowledge him as the Prince of the Sun and willingly serve him. Maug is very strong and thinks of Grunwald as an annoying gnat instead of a real threat.
Village Leader
The leader of the fishermen’s village and the father of Potom. He dislikes anything out of his control and has a short temper.
The village leader’s chief adviser. He craves power and is always looking for ways to get more. He is loyal to no one and isn’t very smart.
A little girl from the village. Mauni is friendly and like to sing, play, and weave flowers together. She likes Hilda in particular.
A little boy from the village. Philip likes to practice with his bow and arrow, and is constantly chasing rabbits.
Philip's Mother
Philip’s mother takes care of Horus when he comes to the village. She is kind and generous, but sad.
A working man in the fisherman’s village. Bordo helps build structures in the village. He is serious and focused. He is not distracted by Hilda’s singing.
The blacksmith in the fisherman’s village. He is a master at his craft, but he cannot restore the Sword of the Sun in his shop.
Silver Wolf
Grunwald’s special servant. There are other silver wolves, but this one in particular causes trouble for Horus. He can move so quickly that it is difficult to see him. Because of this, some people doubt his existence.
Horus' Father
Horus’ father took Horus to live in the wilderness after a demon destroyed their village by corrupting the hearts of the people.