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Arriety Section Up

Paley : 21 Nov 2011
The Secret World of Arrietty section is now available with movie and cast info.

Four more cameos found

tototaru : 17 Jun 2010
From comics Peach Girl and Coraline, TV from Robot Chicken and Power Puff Girls : Ghibli Cameo section.

2 more cameos added

Paley : 20 Mar 2010
Peppermint and Toy Story 3 Totoro appearance added to the Ghibli Cameo section.

Pre-order Ponyo today!

Paley : 09 Feb 2010

ponyo dvdponyo blu-rayponyo dvd se plush

Will be released on March 2

New Article in Special Coverage

William R. : 19 Sep 2008
An article on the alliance between Disney and Tokuma (Studio Ghibli's former parent company) in now up in Special Coverage. Check it out!

Downloads back up!

Ben : 15 Sep 2008
Sorry everyone for the Ponyo downloads. We had some server issues. They will be back online for a very long time now. so we hope...

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