Kiki's Delivery Service: Characters

A 13-year-old witch. Kiki is best described as upbeat, outspoken, and a little naïve. An old witch's custom is that when a witch turns 13, she must spend a year away from her parents to prove herself. Kiki has been looking forward to the trip since her birthday. For the trip, she travels to Koriko, a seaside town. Her only good skill is her ability to fly.
Kiki's pet black cat and best friend. He is her only companion to Koriko. Kiki seems to be the only one who can talk to Jiji. Jiji is comments on Kiki's actions and balances out her slight recklessness by suggesting safer options. He is best described as cautious.
A boy who lives in Koriko. Tombo loves to fly. He's fascinated by Kiki since she can fly on her broom with ease. He's a member of a flight club and has been working on a bicycle with a propeller on it, which he hopes will fly. He travels either with a group of boys his age in a beat-up car or on his bicycle. He's friendly, funny, and punctual.
A young painter. Ursula lives by herself in a forest near Koriko. She paints pictures of things from nature, such as crows and trees. She's very friendly, cheerful, and knows a lot about how people's minds work.
Mrs. Osono
A baker who lives in Koriko. Mrs. Osono is Kiki's first real friend in Koriko. She and her husband run a bakery. Mrs. Osono is heavily pregnant throughout the film. She's amiable and kind.
Mr. Osono
Mrs. Osono's husband, of course. Mr. Osono is almost entirely silent. From his actions, we can tell that he's hard-working and thoughtful.
Kiki's mother is a witch. She specializes in making potions. Kiki attempted to make her own broom for the trip to Koriko, but she ended up using her mother's broom instead.
Kiki's father is of non-magical lineage. He is very affectionate to his daughter.
Madame is one of Kiki's customers, and the only one to ask for her services more than once. She is very kind and thoughtful. She likes baking pies and cakes for her friends and relatives.
A woman who lives with Madame. Barsa enjoys watching general panic and chaos.
Madame's Granddaughter
Madame's granddaughter is a member of Tombo's flight club. She is cordial to her friends, but indifferent to strangers and ungrateful for other's hard work if it doesn't benefit her.
Kiki's first customer
The first customer of Kiki's delivery service. She is a clothes designer and owns Lily. She is generous and pretty, according to Kiki.
Clock Tower caretaker
The first person Kiki encounters in her new town. He tells her that she's the only witch to come there for a long time.
Miss Dora
A friend of Kiki's mother. Kiki's mother supplies her with a potion which treats her rheumatism.
Kiki's first customer's cat. She initially dislikes Jiji, but they eventually develop a close relationship.