Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro: Characters

Arsene Lupin III
The greatest gentleman thief in the world. Lupin (he is never called by his first name) is extremely clever and charismatic. He steals things, ranging from bags of cash to golden treasures, for the thrill of it, instead of actually needing the things he steals, and he never steals from the poor. He flirts often, usually with strangers, although he respects Clarisse. He has many associates, including Jigen, Goemon, and, to a smaller extent, Fujiko.
Clarisse d'Cagliostro
A princess of the Cagliostro family. Clarisse is kind to everyone and admired by many of Cagliostro’s citizens. She is engaged to be married to Count Cagliostro against her will, since their marriage will enable the Count to claim the fortune of the Cagliostro family.
Jigen Daisuke
A superb marksman who travels with Lupin. Jigen works with Lupin on many of his heists, lending his almost uncanny ability with all sorts of guns to fight against the people who try to stop them. Jigen is Lupin’s partner, not his inferior.
Fujiko Mine
A self-described “lady spy” who often steals the very thing Lupin is after. Lupin practically worships Fujiko, but she only returns the affection if it helps her accomplish her goals. She treats everyone with respect and usually ends up helping Lupin in some way. She is very tough, having held off squads of goons with a machine gun and grenades.
Ishikawa Goemon XIII
A samurai who works with Lupin. Goemon is a master swordsman. He is quiet and doesn’t speak unless it’s important. He wears Japanese clothes and eats Japanese food. He can use his sword to cut through anything; from body armor to bullets. He often covers Lupin during one of his schemes.
Inspector Zenigata
An inspector for INTERPOL. Inspector Zenigata is given many assignments, but he is chasing one criminal with much more enthusiasm than the others: Lupin. He isn’t stupid, but he is always outwitted by Lupin’s more clever plans. Lupin describes Zenigata as “the archetypical Japanese worker: totally dedicated to his work”. Zenigata has a small army of INTERPOL officers working for him who idolize him and do whatever he asks them to do.
Count of Cagliostro
The regent of the small country of Cagliostro. The Count is a very rich man, but he desires even more riches; specifically, the treasure of the Cagliostro family. He is cruel and cunning, and will use all of his considerable resources to get what he wants. He lives in an enormous castle in the middle of Cagliostro, surrounded by a lake.
Count Cagliostro’s second-in-command. He is as ruthless as the Count himself. He does all sorts of jobs for the Count, ranging from taking his coat to firing a machine gun at his enemies.
Ex-Servant of Calgiostro
This man used to work for Cagliostro. He is friends with Clarisse, and would do nearly anything to help her.
A large dog living on the castle grounds. He belongs to the Cagliostro’s ex-servant.
Count Cagliostro’s head bodyguard. Gustav is of average intelligence, very strong, and totally loyal to Count Cagliostro. He is in charge of all of Count Cagliostro’s bodyguards, who guard his castle day and night. He is on bad terms with Zenigata.
Archbishop of Vatican
An archbishop from the Vatican City is coming to Count Cagliostro and Clarisse’s wedding to marry them. He is respected by many people, of course.
Cagliostro's Assassins
Count Cagliostro has his own personal team of assassins. He has ninja-like assassins and swimming assassins. They are fast, accurate, well-equipped, and mostly bulletproof.