Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Characters

Nausicaa is a free spirited young woman known for her expertise in using a special jet-glider; she’s grown up in a damaged world. She worries her father and people by constantly venturing into the jungle for resources.
Master Yupa
Master Yupa is a travelling, famous swords-master; he is famous through-out the land. He treats Nausicaa like a daughter and when the Tolmekians come on the scene he saves her from getting killed. He constantly turns up when he’s needed and uses his powerful sword-fighting techniques.
He is Prince of the Pejites who joined the attacks on the Tolmekian airships, which at the time is transporting Nausicaa and a couple of her most loyal men.
Teto is Nausicaa’s pet squirrel-fox. Master Yupa brought him from the forest and gave him to Nausicaa, who soon tamed him.
Kushana is the head of the Tolmekian Army, she is a proud woman and not too unlike Nausicaa. She wears armour suit of gold which covers the fact that she has lost both an arm and a leg to the insects.
Kurotowa is a high-standing officer in the Tolmekian army, he is Kushana’s second-in-command.
She is the sister of Abel (Therefore a Pejite Princess) she is being held prisoner on the Tolmekian ship that crashes in the valley at the beginning of the film, and is found near-death in the ships wreckage.
She is an old, blind seer who lives in the valley, in the castle. She is always seen by Nausicaa’s father (the king’s side) and in the beginning of the film tells a prophecy which later becomes true.
He is a lot like his daughter, Nausicaa. He was once a great glider-pilot but the toxic-jungle’s fumes have destroyed his leg usage and left him bed-ridden. He has a strong bond with both Obaba and Master Yupa, and they are both saddened by his loss.
He is the most recognised of Nausicaa’s loyal subjects, and is constantly worrying about her. When Nausicaa is taken on the Tolmekian ship he is one of the loyal men who accompany her.
The most dangerous breed of insects in the toxic jungle. They are huge and hard to calm, when the Pejites kidnap a young Ohmu and use it to draw the Ohmu’s to Nausicaa’s valley they come in the hundreds and are only calmed by an amazing self-sacrifice from Nausicaa. They have strange long, golden tendrils that I think they use to ‘sense’ people, and analyse them.
Yanma is yet another of the toxic jungles territorial insects. When it attacks the Tolmekian airship that then crashes in the valley it is wounded and has to be lead back to the forest by Nausicaa before it can call more insects to its aid.