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Studio Ghibli News

According to CD Japan, Only Yesterday R2 DVD (to be released on March 7,'03) will include English subtitles.

Anime News Network has put up an interview with Toshio Suzuki which talks about future films Howl's Moving Castle and Innocence: Ghost in the Shell. Click here to read.

Spirited Away wins both Los Angeles and New York Film Critics Best Animated Feature Award.
src: Nausicaa

According to Asashi and Toho, Hayao Miyazaki will be working on the abandoned Ghibli project "Hauru no Ugoku Shiro" (Howl's Moving Castle), and aim for a Summer 2004 release.

Studio Ghibli is also teaming up with Production IG to bring Oshii Mamoru's new "Innocence Ghost in the Shell" movie to the big screen in 2004.
src: Nausicaa

Spirited Away has made the 2nd cut for the Best Animated Feature nominee at the Oscars. So, one more cut to the final 5 nominees.

Spirited Away DVDs have been released in South Korea (12/05/02).
Hong Kong gets to have the first international public screening of The Cat Return on Christmas.
src: Miyazaki MailList

Buena Vista announces they will replace the Italian Kiki's Delivery Service DVDs with new ones after complaints about defect copies.
Spirited Away gets Best Animated Feature Award from National Board of Review.
src: Nausicaa

Walt Disney Japan has just been sued over Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away R2 DVDs in which many buyers were not satisfied. The DVDs which contains very noticeable red tint throughout whole movie was produced and published by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a subdivision of Disney's. Plaintiffs are seeking Disney to replace all copies of original DVD with un-tinted ones and compensate every costumer with 10000yen ($80).
src: Mainichi Interactive

Some asteroids gets named after Miyazaki and Totoro, read about it at Nausicaa.

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