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Studio Ghibli News

Hot new extended preview of Howl's Moving Castle is now availble in QuickTime.

According to The Digital Bits, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa, and Porco Rosso will not be released on DVD in the US on Agust 31st as previously planned. No new date have been set.

Hayao Miyazaki got a lifetime achievement award from the 16th Annual Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films.

Yumi Kimura's site put up a sample of The Promise of the World, the theme song from Howl's Moving Castle.
Download from media page.
source: Nausicaa.Net

Howl's Moving Castle's discography is out and Chieko Baisho (voice for Sophie in the movie) will perform the theme song for the movie. The theme song is written by Yumi Kimura whom also rendered the theme song for Spirited Away.

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