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Studio Ghibli News

The following are the first 10 cities that will have Spirit Away in theaters: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington DC.
src: Nausicaa.net

Living in CA? Want to watch Spirited Away and meet Hayao Miyazaki and other celebrities? You can do so on 9.15.02 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. Kinda costly, but if you're interested, JDRF Events.
src: www.nnanime.com

The new Laputa: Castle in the Sky 2-Disc R2 DVDs can now be pre-ordered, expect release date to be October 4th, 2002. Click here for CD-Japan's Laputa DVDs.

The 2003 Studio Ghibli calendar can now be pre-ordered at Planet Anime or on AnimeNation, deadline is Aug.31, so hurry!
src: Nausicaa Listserv

The English Spirited Away trailer is finally online, hosted by Apple, Watch it!. IMO, the dubbing = Wow.

www.spiritedaway.net, the offical site for the US version of the film is up, brought to you by Buena Vista Online Entertainment.

Rumor: Miyazaki will now direct Howl's Moving Castle.
src: nausicaa maillist, thuan's studio ghibli fansite

Madman has acquired license for Spirited Away R4 DVDs in Australia, which is due out after the theatre release in December.
unoffical source
And it is official that Spirited Away will be rated PG in America.

According to Black Moon, Hayao Miyazaki will be attending the US premiere of Spirited Away in Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. There will also be a post-show conference where he can anwser questions about the movie.

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