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Studio Ghibli News

Spirited Away Malaysia threatircal release has been confirmed to be Nov.7,2002.
src: Cinemaonline

The Spanish release of Spirited Away, El Viaje de Chihiro, has been scheduled to premiere on Oct.18,2002. Click here for poster (thanks to Kodamama at Nausicaa.net)

If anyone is attending the preview screening of Spirited Away at Angelika Theater in Dallas on Monday, you might see me there! :D

The box office stats for Spirited Away's first weekend (Limited Release!) is out; showing at only 26 theaters across US, it made around $450,000, coming in 1st place for revenue per theater and 15th for revenue overall.

Region 1 DVD of My Neighbor Totoro is just around the corner (12/3/02 release), and you can pre-order it at Amazon.com.

Visit Nausicaa.net's Theater Listings to check if Spirited Away is available in your area soon.

New Spirited Away international release dates: Poland - 10/30/02, Finland - Fall 2002, Belgium - 9/25/02.
Nausicaa.net has also put the Spirited Away press kit online, check them out.
src: Nausicaa.net

Spirited Away has premiered at Toronto International Film Fest today, click here for article and pictures. (see Miyazaki hit it off with the executive producer!)
Also, Los Angeles Times has done a sneak peak article on Spirited Away U.S. Read
src: Anime News Network

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