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O.G. Site News

The full On Your Mark music film is available for download through O.G.'s new Member Service system, basically you have to be a forum member to gain access.
Also the board has been upgraded FYI.

The Special section of the site is open, the first feature is "Ghibli in Anime".

Site's downtime past two days are due to hardware failure, we've almost fully recovered, and the forum will be back ASAP.

Marco section is up! with the usual info, characters, and gallery pages. Marco is a non-Ghibli movie directed by Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies) and completed in 1999 that sums up the Nippon TV series 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (52eps 1976).

Pom Poko's Production section is up with some images from the production memoir.

Toy section started for My Neighbor Totoro.

On Your Mark midi sample is up and a midi theme added to Only Yesterday.

The Spirited Away Review/Synopsis is finally here! Big thanks goes to Kenny for his wonder writing! Check it out, very nice captures too.

Posted Full of Ghibli (Ghibli Ga Ippa) Trailer, it has footage from 11 movies, so you can download it on the media page of any movie in the trailer, for example Laputa.

Added QuickLink feature to the site.

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