The Cat Returns: Characters

Haru Yoshioka
A schoolgirl whose life seems to be in constant disarray. This all changes when she saves Prince Lune. As a thank-you, the Cat King plans to take her to his kingdom with the intention of having her marry Lune. It seems no one who can save her; that is, until the eccentric Baron comes into her life.
Haru’s best friend who, unlike Haru, seems to have things pretty planned out.
Haru's Mother
Haru’s mother is….. Well, Haru’s mother?
The Baron
As the owner of the strange ‘Cat Bureau’ he is known as helper to all. He is an artisan’s statue somehow been brought to life. When Haru comes to him for help, he is happy to come to her aid. Whether it’s storming the Cat King's castle or fighting for his life, he does it all with a cane and top hat.
The grumpy assistant of the Baron. He’s hard to please but deep down he’s just a big marshmallow! (Literally!) (Also seen in Whisper of the Heart as Moon)
The figurehead of a statue that sits outside the Cat Bureau, he can be brought to life as a large, intelligent crow, who has an extreme dislike of Muta (Muta returns these feelings)
The Cat King
The Cat King is fat and deranged and is instantly devoted to Haru and quickly becomes over-protective of her and refuses to listen to her protests at marrying Lune. When she tries to escape he gives chase, seemingly oblivious to her unwillingness to go through with the wedding.
Prince Lune
Prince of the Cat Kingdom and, he is the entire opposite of his father, The Cat King. He is unaware of the schemings of his father; when he discovers his father's plan, he steps in to save the day.
Saved as a kitten by Haru, Yuki is determined to set things right and does her best to get Haru back to the human kingdom. She is a beautiful cat and has found an admirer in Prince Lune...
A determined cat who is endlessly running after Haru, he is a high-standing servant of the King and is blissfully ignorant of the havoc he wreaks in kidnapping Haru. He is a classic lackey and yes-man.
The Cat King's elderly and extremely loyal adviser, he is not entirely trustful of the King's arranged marriage and does his best to quietly stop it. Unfortunately, Natoru is constantly getting under foot and ruining his plans.
A schoolmate who Haru has a big crush on. One obstacle: he doesn’t even know she exists.
Another of Haru and Hiromi's schoolmates who is a competitive table tennis player. Hiromi is attracted to him.