Grave of the Fireflies: 2005 Live-action TV Movie

In 2005, Nippon TV, a close affiliate of Studio Ghibli produced a live-action version of the acclaimed 1988 animated feature, Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) directed Isao Takahata and based on a book by Akiyuki Nosaka. The live-action movie, which was made for TV to commemorate 60th anniversary of end of World War II, was directed by Toya Sato.

The new movie followed the main plotline of the original version almost exactly. The most significant difference was that the movie revolved around Hisako Sawano, Seita's aunt, more deeply. As the story develops, the movie portrayed how and why Seita's changed from being very caring and considerate to cold-hearted and selfish. In the 1988 version, the aunt's husband stayed at home; here, her husband fought in the war and perished, which had an great impact on her attitude towards Seita and Setsuko. Seita's cousin also plays a major role in the new movie. In Ghibli's screenplay, she only had one or two lines in the entire movie. In Nippon's story, she casually develops an relationship with Seita and becomes very outspoken against her mother's actions.

Seita Yokokawa
actor: Hoshi Ishida

Seita is the son of Japanese naval command, he has much pride in his father's work.
Setsuko Yokokawa
actress: Mao Sasaki

The playful little sister of Seita, her favorite food is congee with eggs.
Hisako Sawano
actress: Nanako Matsushima

Seita's aunt, who is burdened with the responsibility of taking care of Seita and Setsuko after their parents are gone.
Natsu Sawano
actress: Mao Inoue

Hisako's oldest daughter, she is very sympathetic towards Seita and Setsuko and blames her mother for their misery.
Yoshie Sawano
actor: Jun Kaname

Hisako's brother-in-law, he stayed behind during the war because of a bad leg.
Kyoko Yokokawa
actress: Yui Natsukawa

Seita and Setsuko's mother, she suffers from a heart disease.
Kyoshi Yokokawa
actor: Ikki Sawamura

Seita's father, he's the colonel of a Japanese naval fleet.
Natsu Mitsumura
actress: Keiko Kishi

Natsu Sawano of present time, she recalls the story of Seita and Setsuko after coming across a can of droplets.
Keiko Mitsumura
actress: Mao Inoue

Natsu's granddaughter who is trying to comprehend what her grandma and great-grandma had gone through during World War II.
Genzo Sawano
actor: Tsuyoshi Ihara

Hisako's husband, who has been called into the battlefield.
Teizo Sawano
actor: Shota Horie

Hisako's only son who suffered asthma.
Hana Sawano
actress: Mayuko Fukuda

One of three daughters of the Sawano family.
Yuki Sawano
actress: Narumi Iihara

One of three daughters of the Sawano family.
Toshiyuki Yoshioka
actor: Katsuhisa Namase

A policeman and also a friend of the Sawanos
actor: Hideo Takamatsu

A Merchant selling rice and eggs
actor: Mansaku Fuwa

Farmer who is forced to sell overpriced vegetables during wartime.