Our plea..

Animation provides a multitude of feelings to the people who view it. Some may view it as an escape from their every day lives, some may view it as a form of entertainment, and some may view it as something that can touch our souls. In our minds, only one animation group has continued to provide all of the three aforementioned aspects time and time again—that being Studio Ghibli, of course! With films such as Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away among countless others, Studio Ghibli has helped shape the lives of the viewers.

Because of these films, those of us here at Online Ghibli have showed our admiration by continuing to work hard and cataloguing everything that is known about these masterpieces. Along the way, our work has paid off as we have become a major player in the eyes of those engrossed with the entire Ghibli library. Still, we are unrelenting and continue to press on as our interest continues to grow with each potential release that Studio Ghibli works on.

As a result, Online Ghibli needs your help! To be the best at what you accomplish, you must continue to find the boldest and brightest minds out there. If you're even viewing this page, you've already shown that you're fanatic of Ghibli works. Now, it's time to put that fandom and creative thinking to good use and help us assemble the greatest collection of Studio Ghibli information that can be offered.

An exposure to most of the Studio Ghibli library is important and most helpful to us. Online Ghibli's needs include those of you who are skilled at writing and wish to parlay your talents into reviews and summaries of Ghibli films. For those of you who are skilled at graphics editing, we would always like help with editing the look of the site or posting your fanart regarding works of Ghibli.

So act now and help display your ultimate knowledge of all things Ghibli!

Please send an email to pr@onlineghibli.com if you are interested.
And include your skill strong-points and your area of interest please. (please keep in mind that we are not in any way affliated with Studio Ghibli)

You can also make a monetary donation to help keep this site up, send to onlineghibli@gmail.com through PayPal.
Thank you!