Official Websites
スタジオジブリ - STUDIO GHIBLIOfficial Site (Japanese)
The one and only official site of the animation studio Ghibli.  VISIT
Studio Ghibli - The Official DVD WebsiteOfficial Site (English)
Disney's official site as a publisher of Studio Ghibli films in America.  VISIT

Fan Websites
Nausicaa.netFansite (English)
Needless to say, the most informative site on all things Studio Ghibli ever.  VISIT
Studio Ghibli - Buta ConnectionFansite (French)
The very popular French fansite. They've been around for a long time and are still bring most up to date news from Studio Ghibli.  VISIT
Ghibli WorldFansite (English)
A website trying to promote, encourage interest in, and discussion about the works of Studio Ghibli!  VISIT
WingseeFansite (English)
a Dedication to Studio Ghibli Films
One of the first Ghibli fansites around, great coverage and media for Nausicaa, Laputa, Totoro, Grave of Fireflies, Kiki, Porco Rosso, and Whisper of the Heart.
Studio Ghibli EssentialFansite (Italian)
Italian fansite covering all aspect and films of Studio Ghibli  VISIT
Studio Ghibli-DreamsFansite (German)
A German fansite with media, VA and characters info on all German releases of Studio Ghibli films.  VISIT
The Peaceful Side of GhibliFansite (English)
Very pretty fansite about I Can Hear the Sea and Porco Rosso.  VISIT
Der Baron - Die Studio Ghibli Tribute SiteFansite (Swedish)
A Swiss Ghibli fansite.  VISIT
Roarkiller's StudioFansite (English)
a Studio Ghibli fan site currently in works.  VISIT
MehveGhibliFansite (English)

Chrono Shock Game Fansite
The best source for information on SquareEnix's Chrono game series.  VISIT
KeyframeAnime Retailer
An early affiliate of Online Ghibli, a good animation resource.  VISIT
Paley Wu Productions (Epistream)Portfolio
Personal web development portfolio site.  VISIT