Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Characters

A 13-year-old farm girl. Sheeta's parents and grandmother died before the movie started, making her an orphan, just like Pazu. She has been chased by the government and the Dola gang due to her crystal necklace, which she always wears around her neck after her mother gave it to her shortly before her death. She is brave, compassionate, and smart. Since she's a farmer, she knows all about the sun, earth, and animals.
A 13-year-old miner. Pazu is an orphan. He now works for Boss in a metal mine. He owns his own house and cares for a flock of pigeons. He loves flying as much as his father, and his dream is to build his own plane and find Laputa to prove his father's story is true. Pazu is kind and hardworking, although a little headstrong. He is also a skilled mechanic.
Dola is the head of the Dola air pirate gang and the mother of 3 of its members: Charles, Lui, and Henri. She has a solid command of her gang and is an excellent leader. She knows all the secret military codes and uses them to intercept government messages and use them to her advantage. She stays calm in emergencies, sees through plots, and is a decent fighter, despite her age.
Colonel Muska
The government's secret agent and General Muoro's superior. Colonel Muska is cunning and persuasive. He is in charge of the government's search for Laputa. He has a breadth of knowledge about Laputa and its secrets. He is after Sheeta's crystal because he thinks it can direct him to Laputa's location and its treasures. He dislikes anyone who can't serve him somehow.
Uncle Pomme
Uncle Pomme is a miner who wanders the abandoned mining caves. He has been around for a long time and knows about the nature of Sheeta's crystal. He also knows legends about Laputa. He is nearly blind.
General Muoro
The commander of the government's army in the location of the story. General Muoro is loud, commanding, and reckless. He uses the brute-force approach to problems. He hates Colonel Muska, but must follow his orders.
Mr. Duffi
Pazu's boss has become sort of a father figure for Pazu since Pazu's real father died. He manages the boiler in the mines which melts whatever ore the rest of the miners find. He is slightly strict but he cares for Pazu and helps him out whenever he's in a tight spot.
Okami (Mrs. Duffi)
As Boss has become a father figure to Pazu, Boss' wife has become his mother figure. She is more rational than her husband.
Dola Gang Mechanic
Dola's mechanic is a long-time friend of Dola's. He keeps Dola's flagship, the Tiger Moth, in working order. He has grown attached to the ship from working on it for years.
Charles (Dola's 1st Son)
Dola's three sons are all good fighters, but are also silly and dim-witted. Charles is the most intelligent of the three (which isn't saying much), and is a sort of leader among them.
Lui (Dola's 2nd Son)
Lui is Dola's strongest son. He likes to stretch his shirt with his muscles until it breaks.
Henri (Dola's 3rd Son)
Henri, Dola's third son, is something of a wisecracker. He jokes about their situation from time to time.
Laputa Robot
This particular Laputian robot fell from the sky several years ago. It broke into pieces and stopped working. It now lays in General Muoro's fortress.
Pazu's Father
Pazu's father died a long time before the movie started. He had a passion for flying and airplanes. In one of his trips, he saw Laputa, the flying island, and took a single picture of it. Despite the picture, no one believed him, which, according to Pazu, caused his death.
Sheeta's Grandma
Sheeta's grandmother had an intricate knowledge of Sheeta's crystal and how it works. She taught Sheeta secrets about it, but Sheeta thought her grandmother was just making things up.
Train Operator
The train operator is a personal friend of Pazu. He operates his train in Pazu's town. He likes adventure.
Muska's Sidekicks
Colonel Muska's two closest companions. They both wear black coats, black bowler hats, and dark sunglasses. They rarely speak.