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Ponyo Theme Song

paperbullet : 21 Sep 2007

Joe Hisaishi has created the theme song for the new Ghibli film "Ponyo on a Cliff".

Taken directly from nausicaa.net's news page.

"According to a Joe Hisaishi's column in Studio Ghibli's monthly magazine Neppu, Miyazaki orders for the Ponyo's theme song were, "Please make a song which all generations can sing." Hisaishi immediately hit on a melody like when he hit Totoro's song. It repeats itself "Po-nyo Po-nyo Ponyo" like Totoro. Miyazaki and Suzuki liked it. The words of the theme song are from Katsuya Kondo with assistance from Miyazaki. Kondo created it by singing many times every day in front of Miyazaki. Recording of the song is already finished but the singer remains unknown."

Expect some brilliance, folks. If it is truly as genius as the Totoro theme, we may have another timeless theme song.