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First Review of Ponyo released!

William R. : 30 Jun 2008

An anime industry insider has posted the first review of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

Atsushi Hashimoto, an anime industry insider and broadcasting writer has published on his blog a first review of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea." The fully-translated post can be found at GhibliWorld.com, but here are a few highlights.

On arriving at the first "outsider's" preview:

On June 25th, when I visited IMAGICA in Gotanda, there were sooo many people to be seen. "Oh! That's Mr. Suzuki! I just touched him with my shoulder! Oh! There is his Majesty Takahata!" When I entered the preview room, I was surprised to see full seats of audiences, though its capacity is more than 100. It shows that Studio Ghiblis new movie interests so many. I've never seen such a hot air during any of the previews I visited over the last two years. They all gazed at the screen to ensure they would never miss any of the cuts Miyazaki challenged himself to.

On the film's content (at least, that which he can reveal):

The movie has started. The content is a secret! Of course that is the rule. BUT! I can tell only one thing VERRRY INTERESTIIIIIING! Above all, the 5 minutes of opening will surely amaze you! It completely took my breath away and I felt like Miyazaki's soul was telling me "Look at my painting!!". Sorry, I can't tell about the story... only about the images.

Special thanks to Peter van der Lugt of GhibliWorld.com for posting this.