Whisper of the Heart: Characters

Shizuku Tsukishima
Shizuku is a hardworking good student. Or at least she was, but recently her life had gone out of sorts. Shizuku loves reading, and is constantly taking books out from the library and spending the time she should be studying reading them (Consequently her grades start slipping). Strangely all the books she takes out have already been withdrawn by the mysterious Seiji Awasama, who Shizuku can’t wait to meet..
Seiji Amasawa
Seiji is an earnest Violin-maker. He has two wishes in life: To go to Italy and train with the greatest of the Violin-makers and too finally get Shizuku to notice him.
Yuko Harada
Yuko is Shizuku’s best-friend; she has an impossible love life. She receives a love letter, but sadly, she is in love with Sugimura! Even more sadly, Sugimura is in love with Shizuku and has been for years!
Sugimura is in love with Shizuku, Yuko is in love with Sugimura, and Shizuku adores her best-friend, Yuko. Poor Sugimura doesn’t know if he’s coming or going, but when he’s turned down by Shizuku and she takes an interest in this new ‘Seiji’ he seems (as this is only from observation of the film)
Shirou Nishi
The kind, elderly owner of the antique shop. He seems to be an untroubled, gentle old man but he hides a sad past. His most precious possession is a statue named the Baron (See Return of the Cat) Who is brought to life (not literally) by Shizuku’s story. The ‘Baron’ is part of a set, he has a female partner, Louise. When the ‘Baron’ is reunited with Louise, Mr.Nishi will be reunited with a lost, person as well, a person very close to his heart....
Shiho Tsukishima
Shizuku’s older sister, who is a dedicated student, and only wants her sister to be the same.
Seiya Tsukishima
Shizuku’s father, he is the local librarian and is a soft-touch when it comes to Shizuku, he loves both his daughters but doesn’t really know what goes on in their lives.
Asako Tsukishima
Asako is Shizuku’s mother but is nothing like her husband, she keeps a sharp eye on her daughters whenever she’s not rushed off her feet with work. When Shizuku’s grades start slipping she is not very pleased at all.
Miss Kousaka
A popular member of staff at Shizuku’s school, she seems to be the school nurse, though it can not be confirmed. Shizuku, Yuko and the rest of that little group all adore Miss Kousaka and sometimes eat lunch with her.
The fat cat that belongs to nobody. He is called by two names: Moon and Muta (See Return of the Cat) He leads Shizuku to Mr.Nishi’s antique shop, and generally seems to turn up at different moments throughout the film. He’s a grumpy, untrustworthy feline if you ask me. Still love him though.
The Baron
A human-Cat like figurine. Who is featured in Shizuku’s story, and sits in Mr.Nishi’s antique shop.