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Howls coming to Latin TVs

Paley : 12 Feb 2007
Cinemax In Latin America will be airing Howl's Moving Castle throughout March. Visit CinemaxLA for times.

src: Jorge Enrique Monsegny Parra and Nausicaa.net

Gendo Seki international release

Paley : 19 Dec 2006
France - April 11, 2007
United Kingdom - Summer 2007 (DVD)

News tidibits

Paley : 26 Oct 2006
Studio Ghibli has announced they will air a HD version of Pom Poko on NTV on Nov 10. Better get your TIVO ready :)

Iwanami Shoten has put up scans of Miyazaki's new manga, Blackham's Wimpey.

src: T. Ishikawa @ nausicaa.net

Whisper of Heart US screening

Paley : 11 Sep 2006
Whisper of the Heart will be screened at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica from September 22nd through 24th.
This is part of a celebration of Unshown Cinema: The Animated Films That Got Away, presented by Los Angeles Film Critics Association.
src: www.cartoonbrew.com

Lots of Gedo Senki news

Johnny : 20 Aug 2006
To make up for the lack of updating over the past few weeks, we're throwing everything into one tidy package.

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Latest Gedo Senki theatrical trailer

Paley : 24 Jul 2006
The third GED trailer, posted on Youtube by yas0822.
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